I'm wondering....  Where do you put YOU

on your priority list for the day?

What is Sound Healing Energy? 

Sound Healing encompasses any sound intentionally created or listened to for the desire to shift, evolve, change or uplift an emotion or physical sensation. Sound Healing soothes physical and emotional tension/ pain in the body and mind.  I am empathic, highly-sensitive and intuitive, tapping into unspoken and unexpressed energies that prevent you from feeling your best energetic self. I provide Sound Reiki vocals and music for you to release the stress and let go of the tension. You will receive perspective, knowledge, relaxation, restoration of your energy and the ability to think more clearly. Sleeping better at night is a common benefit too!  -Joanna Grace

Experience Sound Healing Energy with Joanna Grace

Audio Recordings that you can listen to anywhere and anytime

These audio mp3 recordings are created to meet you where you're at, in an unpleasant feeling, and guide you to release and transform that difficult emotion into something more manageable. 

Examples include "Root Chakra Meditation" or or  "Let Off Steam"

Did you know that trying to hide your difficult emotions will not easily transform them into more positive and uplifting energy? I am highly sensitive and intuitive, tapping into the energy of difficult emotions, capturing the tension in sound vibrations then continuing the musical journey to release the stress and welcome in more relaxation and resilience.

"During a time of incredible stress, these sessions gave me the opportunity to prioritize self-care. During the sessions I was reminded that I have the answers within me. The space Joanna made for me allowed me to listen to my truth and to come to my knowing. Her thoughtful questions and personalized sound energized me toward self-reflection. Thank you Joanna!"  RA, Trauma Psychologist


Get Your Voice Back! from illness, stress, or pandemic restriction

Release the tension to feel more relaxed

Be heard and understood so you can improve communication

Experience sound in a new way for insight and inspiration

No singing required! Use your voice to express yourself, feel empowered and get more of what you want in life

Wellness workshops for your organization or company

Welcome staff and volunteers to be in the present moment and release tension so they feel better working

Invite participants to quiet their minds so they feel relaxed and more focused

Reduce stress levels with Sound Healing Energy so they can restore their energy and productivity

Currently all workshops are online. Please click the button below to schedule a time for us to talk through options for Sound Healing Energy to revitalize your staff's energy and productvity.

About Joanna Grace

I help caring adults release physical and emotional tension so they don’t stay stressed out in their free time. With me, you can expect to quiet your mind, gain insight and perspective so you can resume activities feeling peacefully energized. My  degrees/ certificates are in Sound Reiki, Healing Sounds, Music Performance, Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health First Aid. I invite open-minded adults to embrace the healing power of sound to transform difficult emotions and improve communication with others. I believe when you can set time aside for yourself, you'll be able to replenish your energy and better show up for the people and activities that matter most to you.   


Release tension and anxiety in 1 session

“Joanna has the gift of not only music ability but the ability to sense how you are feeling, and be able to offer you effective sound healing. We had a heartfelt talk and then she played on her special drum. I was awestruck at how different I felt, from tense and anxious, to feeling calm, after an initial session.”  MJA (Richmond Hill, Ontario)

Pain-free in 3 days

 “I had a call with Joanna. I was experiencing shoulder pain and after a sound healing session with her, my pain was noticeably lessened within a few hours.

When I connected with her 3 days later, the pain was 100% gone." ER (Kitchener, Ontario)

Find it easy to relax

“During my sound healing session with Joanna, I found it easy to relax and literally forget about TRYING to relax.  It was like I was meditating, but not having to WORK at relaxing, as had been my previous experience with other meditation or breath work practices I had learned." KS (Madison, Wisconsin)

Joanna Grace, Piano & Horn Teacher, Sound Healer & Performing Musician, based in Toronto, Canada & Online  

Email: joanna@joannagrace.ca     Phone: 647-701-8421     By appointment only: 193 Argyle Street, Toronto, ON M6J 1P5